Colorado Newborn Photography – In-Home vs. Studio Session

Did you know Aly Inspired offers Newborn Photography sessions both in-studio and in the comfort of your own home? Wondering what your images might look like from each type? The truth is, there doesn’t have to be much of a difference. Most clients come to me for my style, high level of service and signature art products. Part of that service is offering newborn sessions in the comfort of your own home. The good news? It doesn’t really matter where we have your session – your images can look very much the same with those beautiful posed newborn photos you see on my website. So what’s the best session for you?

Benefits of in-studio sessions: There’s no cleaning or de-cluttering needed at home. You come to our Longmont Colorado portrait studio and we take care of everything. We have a main room where we photograph your new little life, and a room next door where siblings and tired parents can hang out and relax. All my props and backdrops are available and ready for use during your session. If the weather is nice, there is a park down the trail from the house where siblings like to play while we finish up baby’s portraits. Besides all this, its kind of nice to get out of the house at this point.

Benefits of in-home sessions: If mom’s had a c-section or there are multiple siblings with naptimes, an in-home session could be easier. Your home doesn’t have to be spotless and you don’t need huge windows with lots of light for me to photograph your new little one. I have studio lighting and equipment I bring over, so as long as we have a clear space at least 8x8ft, I will be able to create images just like you see in the studio. Sometimes this space is between other furniture we’ve moved around the room – and that works just fine! The main difference in images is that we have the option to add images of the family and baby in your home environment (ex: baby’s room, master bedroom, living room), and some of my larger backdrops can’t be transported. All of this information we go over in your pre-consult, so if you’re thinking about an in-home session, don’t be shy – ask questions! Let’s talk about it!

To see just how similar in-home and in-studio images can be, check out the video below. For more info please send me a message or schedule a phone consult using the teal chatbox at the bottom of the screen.

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~ Now that you’ve seen some of our work ~

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Now that you’ve seen some of my work