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We’ve talked a little bit about how to schedule your Connecticut Maternity Photoshoot and Connecticut Newborn Portraits in the past, but what about preparing for the newborn session itself? Every photographer prepares for their sessions differently, but many things are universal. This list is not all-inclusive, but covers a lot of what can help get baby in the mood for their very first portraits. As always, if you have any questions or want to schedule your session, just give us a shout – we are here to help! Most clients book their newborn session during their second trimester, which is awesome because we have alllll that time to plan the perfect portrait session!

1. Nursing Moms: Try to avoid eating anything spicy or caffeinated for 24 hours before your session. These two things can cause baby’s tummy some discomfort, which may keep them more alert or fussy during a session.

2.  If possible, dress baby in clothes that do not have to be removed over their head. Most often baby is photographed in a wrap or au naturale, and removing clothing over their heads can unnecessarily startle them.

3.  Bring a pacifier. Even if you do not use a pacifier at home, using one during a newborn photo session can help baby relax so we may get a few more photos before they need to feed or break free from their posed positions. This one small step can easily increase the number of good photos we get from your session.

4. The studio is HOT! Baby’s comfort is priority, so the studio is often between 80-85 degrees. This is pretty hot for everyone else. Please dress in layers so you are able to be comfortable during the session.  For in-home sessions, please try to keep the temperature of your home a little higher than you may be used to. I will bring a portable heater for the area we plan to do posed photos in, but having the home a little on the warmer side will help with baby staying sleepy so we can get those beautiful posed shots.

5. Feeding baby. A well-fed baby is a happy, sleepy and safely-posed baby. Our session will most likely start with a feeding, and baby will most likely eat more during their session than on a normal day.  Whether you are pumping or using formula, keeping a bottle nearby can be helpful to coax baby to sleep while taking their portraits. We will take plenty of breaks to feed baby as often as needed, so if baby is getting restless I may suggest feeding them again and then resuming the session.

6. In-home session environment.  If you are having a session in your home, we are able to take both posed photos and photos of you in your home environment (often referred to as “lifestyle” photos). These photos are most often taken in the baby’s room, master bedroom, and living room areas. Don’t worry, your house doesn’t have to be perfectly styled to have beautiful lifestyle images with your new baby. We know what looks good and what might need to be moved or changed in order to get a perfect shot of you and your new little one.

7. Siblings: If a very young sibling is being photographed with your baby, we will typically do those photos first. This way if a parent or other trusted adult need to take the sibling home or go outside to play we know we have these images captured. Please have snacks, water and a favorite toy for older siblings that are staying in case they get bored, hungry or need to play. 

8. What to wear for photos: I always suggest mom, dad and siblings wear simple, solid-colored shirts for photos with baby. Consider the backdrop you preferred during your pre-consultation while making clothing decisions. For example a white or backlight background looks beautiful with solid, light-colored or white tops, while a black backdrop is gorgeous with all black. Mom may not feel like themselves right after having a baby, but photos with your little one are so special at this time, and I will make sure I pose you correctly so that you look amazing in your photos.

9. Baby Safety: Baby safety is always most important during a photography session with me. For some poses baby must be sound asleep or we may not be able to attempt them. As we photograph baby, I will need assistance from one person during most of the session. If you have small siblings attending the session, it is perfectly fine to ask a friend or relative to come help out with sibling or baby during the session. Please talk to me ahead of time if you have any questions about this!

10. Baby runs the show: Ultimately, the baby is in charge of what photos we do or do not take. Following the prep instructions above will give us the best chance of having a successful session and the most variety of images to choose from.

This list is not comprehensive – if you have questions or need clarification on any of the above points, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here or at hello@alyinspired.com

Thank you!

Connecticut newborn photographer baby bear.
Connecticut baby photographer baby in a tiny hammock.
Newborn baby photos in Connecticut – baby fox in nature. Digital backdrops by Luisa Dunn.
Baby portraits by Connecticut photographer Aly Inspired Photography.
Baby posed in a bucket by Connecticut newborn photographer, Aly Inspired Photography. Located in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

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